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I’m Muhammad Aga Parwani, a 27-year-old field worker and father of a 14-month-old boy.  I come from Kandahar province in  Afghanistan, and this is my story. 

Muhammad Aga Parwani

Since there were no jobs available at my village, I  used to come to the city every day trying to earn some money in order to support my family. I haven’t finished school, so I was doing all sorts of jobs, but  I worked  mostly  in the fields as an agricultural  worker. However,  there were many days when I wasn’t so lucky, and I had to return…

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A Day with RMF Serbia

Serving Refugees

June 26, 2018 - Serbia

Dr. Mina Novaković


According to the most recent data, the number of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants increased slightly in Serbia, with 4,273 counted on December 24, 2017. Of these, around 3,999 were accommodated in one of five asylum centers or thirteen reception centers, with Obrenovac Transit Centre being one of the largest and accomodating around 700 people.

RMF Serbia’s mobile clinic is stationed in this shelter, where our team operates 7 days of the week, from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The RMF mobile medical team, consisting of two doctors, one cultural…

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World Refugee Day

Ebadat's Story

June 19, 2018 - Serbia

Dr. Mina Novaković

Our Friendship

Working Together

Ebadat Faiz Koche is an 18-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, residing in the Obrenovac refugee camp 30 km southwest of Belgrade, where RMF Serbia’s mobile clinic is stationed.

We first met Ebadat about eight months ago, when one of his friends got sick. He was accompanying him to our clinic and helping us with translation, since the boy didn’t speak any other language besides Pashto. Ebadat was always kind, and the smile never left his face. As his English-speaking skills were exceptional, Ebadat’s assistance really meant a…

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Precious and Difficult

Finding the Balance in Motherhood

Before the sun has a chance to rise, children around the world are climbing onto their sleeping mothers’ backs, pulling their hair, and begging for breakfast. That is, of course, if these mothers have not already been up for an hour or two catching up on chores or nursing an infant who has yet to understand the difference between night and day. Such moments of motherhood, both sweet and exhausting, precious and difficult, exemplify the whole of the experience—the balance. Motherhood is full of contradicting experiences…

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Alobo Monic

Sacrificing for the Children

ALOBO MONIC is a refugee from South Sudan. She is a member the Village Health Teams collaborating with RMF to promote good health and living habits in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. She also serves as a coach in RMF’s Sports Development Program.

“Being a mother is beyond giving birth. As a mother I hold a lot of responsibilities, taking care of the whole family and sacrificing a lot for the wellbeing of the children. I have to forego visiting other places for the sake of my children.…

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World Malaria Day

Raising Awareness

April 24, 2018

Lindsey Mills

Malaria is a Preventable and Treatable Disease

Many Lack Access to Necessary Resources

Infectious disease epidemics happen all over the world every year. In the United States, October comes around and we start hearing about flu season. Many of us head to our local pharmacy or doctor’s office to get a flu vaccine with some hope that it will keep us protected during the winter months when influenza seems to be at its worst. In the event that we do get the flu, we have access to medication that helps alleviate symptoms, shorten the…

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I am a qualified doctor, and for the past six months I have been working for Real Medicine Foundation. I work in a team composed mostly of doctors and translators/cultural mediators, with the goal of providing holistic care to refugees arriving in Serbia from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, and other countries riven by war and economic chaos.

I have always been interested in working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds, because I felt that this kind of encounter would enrich me and give me a different perspective of the world. Unfortunately, I couldn’t…

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Serbia: One Refugee’s Story

September 18, 2017 - Serbia

Dr. Jovana Milic


According to the latest available data, the overall number of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants in Serbia is estimated to be around 7,600. Most of them are sheltered in 18 heated government facilities. Many are children (47) and women (16), with 37% being adult males.

RMF Serbia has recognized and anticipated that border closures across Europe will increase the number of refugees who will require medical help and psychosocial support, and we commenced this work in early March 2016. Since then, RMF Serbia has examined and helped over 14,000 refugees, escorting them to secondary and tertiary…

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Since 2011, RMF has been inspiring hope in the young people of Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement and the host community, by offering skills training at our Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI). The program started, as suggested by the community, with training in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy and Tailoring and Garment Cutting, and has grown to offer two more courses: Carpentry and Joinery and Bricklaying and Concrete Practice. After completing the three-month training program, students take DIT examinations to be certified in their field of study. Many graduates have gone on to start successful businesses or join established…

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bōld/ adjective 1. (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous. "A bold attempt to solve the crisis."

The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close until 2186. Fortunately, this fate is not set and RMF is working to empower women and girls to #BeBoldForChange.

In light of International Women’s Day, we asked some of our boldest female staff members about their vision for the women of their country.

N’Deane Helajzen is RMF’s Program Director, Serbia, and also supports the coordination of our global programs.…

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Trading Places

What if I was the Refugee?

A crowded train car.

Middle of the night.

I’m struggling to keep my kids, 2-year-old Jack and new baby Oliver, close to me as people are pushing, adjusting, trying to fit in this train car. I have to use the lone toilet at the other end, but there is no one to hold my boys and no way I can maintain my grip on them and still make it through the crowd. The baby is crying, but there is no food for him, and…

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Something Simple

A Big Impact

If you had asked yesterday what a sewing machine was to me, I would’ve told you that mine was a birthday gift from my husband, stored now in the recesses of my closet as my life is filled to the brim with taking care of my two baby boys. I would’ve said it was something I would take out from time to time to mend a seam, sew a bag, or stitch a headband.

But that was yesterday.

That was before I started reading about how things so trivial to…

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In conjunction with the Occidental Social Enterprise class under the direction of Professor Sherry Simpson Dean RMF presents the Dream Free campaign which aims to share the stories and dreams of refugee students at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda. This is the second of several stories to follow.

From Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan, Moli Turko Village, Poni Vicky Paul was born to Mr. Paul Anduga and Mrs. Maria Marila Kide. Poni was born 18 years ago but does not know her date and month of birth. Poni tells her story: “My…

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In conjunction with the Occidental Social Enterprise class under the direction of Professor Sherry Simpson Dean RMF presents the Dream Free campaign which aims to share the stories and dreams of refugee students at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda. This is the first of several stories to follow.

Born in Warrap State and raised in Unity state, Mabil was born to Mr. Mabil Awongdit and Mrs. Nyadeng Ntomachut on March 23rd, 1998. Born as the only boy, Mabil lived with his parents who are members of the Dinka tribe. By the time the conflict…

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A blog post from Health eVillages’ visit to Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement and Buwate Sports Academy in Uganda.

When it was finally decided that we would be visiting Uganda, it involved some preparation. We were to go on a mission to deliver devices for Angels of Hope and RMF South Sudan (which would be sent to Juba by road from Kampala). Amongst the 3 of us we carried 22 devices in total (18 to RMF South Sudan and 4 for Angels of Hope). Apart from ensuring procurement of devices and having them uploaded with content, we had to prepare…

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Today, 24th January 2015, Hiccup Circus presented their informative performances that the community had been eagerly awaiting following the posters that we had pinned earlier on at public places in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement inviting the community for the event. A very special Thank You to RMF’s Cindy Stein Urbanc for introducing RMF to Hiccup Circus and for fundraising herself to make this event possible!

The performances were dramatizing two themes: Encouraging communities to take children for Immunization and HIV/AIDS Prevention. The performances attracted a significant audience of approximately 1,000 people, mostly children and youths (as you…

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Help us give more women and children the chance to realize their potential this holiday season by making a donation to our Giving Tuesday campaign. Every dollar will go directly to the field and give people like Auma Santa a chance to create better lives for themselves and their communities.

Auma Santa is a Ugandan national living in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda.

Auma previously worked as a farmer, the only option for her to earn a living and support her children. Barely able to scrape by, she saw the posters advertising free…

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