Primary Care Clinic Yayawatta

Yayawatta, I.S.P. Tsunami Village, Seenimodera, Tangalle
2008 - Present

Provides free health care access to over 4,000 people in five impoverished villages

Long Term Medical Support and Growth Hormone Treatment for Children

2005 - Present

Treatment to promote normal levels of growth and weight for their age and any other serious medical issues that are brought to our attention.

Palathuduwa Preschool Support

2010 - Present

Staff assists in proper caretaking of the children in addition to providing education, health awareness and proper sanitation, eco-awareness, outdoor activities and nutritious meals.

Minhath Montessori Preschool

2006 - Present

First ever preschool for the children of the Tamil/Muslim minority community in Dickwella, Sri Lanka.