Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Support for Sri Lankan Youth Post Tsunami – Garment Course for Dimuthu"

Status: Completed


The Real Medicine Foundation sponsored Dimuthu’s education at the Garment Institute.

She wrote her final exam on the 18th of March 2006 and the support of her vocational training has now landed her a job at the factory where she trained. The factory is only 10km away from her house. She is very happy with her job and will continue with them. The starting salary according to her is 5000.00 and she is satisfied with that for the moment as she does not have any working experience.

According to the Factory Manager, Dimuthu will receive Rs.4000.00- Rs.4500.00 per month starting salary. Her probation period is 6 months and after completion she will get an increment of Rs.1000. After 2 years she will earn around Rs. 8000.00. (About $80 US)

This is a very good salary in Sri Lanka. Congratulations Dimuthu!

A letter of thanks from Dimuthu —

Dear Martina,

First of all I wish you and the Real Medicine team a very successful new year.

As you know I’m still continuing my Garment course which will complete in April this year. After finishing two and half months of theory lessons at the Garment Industry Management Institute in Narahenpita, I am now completing my practical training at the Miami factory at Homagama (Colombo District – around 25 km from my boarding house) which is very good and with high technology machines. There are around 600 employees in the factory and they have five other factories around the country, and also down south close to my home. I’m very happy and satisfied with the training I’m getting at the factory. All the trainers and the staff members are helping me a lot. The factory has about 12 departments.

After finishing the 2 and ½ months of practical lessons, I have to continue with another one month of theory lessons. Now I have started doing my log book and the project which I have to complete and produce to the Institute before the final exam. The Real Medicine office here helps me to complete this. I go to their office every Saturday and Sunday and use their computer to do this.

Darshika (of Real Medicine) came to the Factory and took photos of me and the factory; they had to wait some time to get the permission to do so. That’s the procedure here; they don’t allow outsiders to take photos.

Madam I’m really thankful and grateful to you and the Real Medicine Organization for helping me and looking after me for the last five months. I really appreciate this for helping me and my family with my education in a very difficult time like this.

I hope I will be able to find a good job after finishing the course as a work study officer. Mr. Anuruddha Perera will help me to find a good place to work.

I really thank Mr. Anuruddha Perera and Miss Sylvia Hoebig for their kindness and the encouragement they’re giving to me.

Thank you very much. 
You are really great.

Best regard