Lwala Healthcare Project

2007 - Present

Mission: To meet the holistic health needs of all members of the Lwala community.

Lodwar District Hospital Support

Lodwar District, Turkana
2011 - Present

Only functional government regional referral hospital for all of Turkana region, spanning a population of almost 1,000,000.

Lodwar Clinic and Turkana Drought Relief and Mobile Medical Outreach Project

2009 - Present

Medical outreach programs and mobile clinics, and food and water aid where needed.

Improving the Nutritional Status of Vulnerable Families and HIV-Affected Individuals through Greenhouse Farming

2017 - Present

RMF is working to improve the nutrition status and livelihood skills of vulnerable women and families in Turkana, Kenya.

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Lodwar District Hospital

From Drought Relief to Hospital Support

Thanks to RMF infrastructure and equipment upgrades, training and daily operational support, Lodwar District Hospital, which serves over 1 million people, now boasts the top pediatric ward in the region.