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Lwala Community Alliance (LCA) is a non-profit health and development agency working in Migori County in western Kenya. Through the Lwala Community Hospital, the organization provides 30,000 patient visits each year. The mission of the organization is to meet the health needs of all people living in north Kamagambo, including its poorest. The hospital is part of a larger effort to achieve holistic development in Lwala, including educational and economic development.

RMF has played a critical role in Lwala from the beginning, providing funding and mentorship during the organization’s development. Currently, RMF provides medicines for children under 5, clinical staff salaries, ambulance repairs and fuel, and funds for hospital referral costs.

Action Plan

Hospital Program

Goal: Sustained reduction of morbidity and mortality through complete and comprehensive access to quality healthcare for the people of North Kamagambo

Lwala Community Hospital provides,

  • Primary care
  • Maternal and reproductive health services
  • HIV care and treatment

The hospital, staffed by Kenyan clinicians, cares for 2,800 patient visits each month. The most common illnesses treated are,

  • Malaria
  • Respiratory infections
  • Parasites
  • Diarrhea
  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis

The hospital now boasts success with near zero mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Public Health Program

Goal: Improved and sustained positive health-seeking behavior of the people of North Kamagambo

Services include,

  • Community Health Workers: Recruits and enrolls women of reproductive age in health services
  • Youth Peer Providers: Reach teens with reproductive and sexual health information.
  • The HAWI (HIV & WASH Integrated) project: Trains community members in water, sanitation, and hygiene practices (WASH).

Education Program

Goal: Improve graduation rates, educational results, and health outcomes for school-aged girls and boys of North Kamagambo

Projects include,

  • Emphasis on keeping girls in school with The Girls Mentoring Program which combats gender-based violence and through providing basic needs (uniforms, sanitary pads)
  • School-based health outreach
  • Secondary school scholarships
  • School agriculture, which beautifies the grounds and provides food

Economic Development Program

Goal: Increase economic opportunities to promote self-reliance and sustain livelihoods for the people of North Kamagambo

Projects include,

  • Agricultural training
  • Women’s Sewing Cooperative
  • Soap Making Cooperative

Women make up 75% of our workforce.


Notable challenges include,

  • The number of patient visits continues to increase which drives our need for more hospital space and more clinical staff
  • High rate of teen pregnancy

Ongoing Presence

RMF continues to partner with Lwala Community Alliance to reach our common goal of providing holistic services to the community in order to build the capacity of individuals through health, education, and economic sustainability.

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