Kenya: Lwala Healthcare Project

31,630 patients seen across all seven facilities

November 27, 2019

Hospital Program

IMPACT: Sustained reduction of morbidity and mortality through complete and comprehensive access to quality healthcare for the people of Rongo Sub-County

  • We have seen 26,712 total patient visits at Lwala Community Hospital so far in 2019.
  • In the second quarter of 2019, we saw 31,630 patient visits across all seven facilities.
  • The first Open Maternity Day was hosted at Lwala Community Hospital to help familiarize expectant mothers with labor and delivery practices and to educate them on delivery and postnatal care procedures. We encourage them to make suggestions on how to improve their experiences. We received a recommendation to supply warm drinks and a light meal after delivery.
  • We championed our Baby-Friendly Hospital initiative by providing additional training for clinicians on kangaroo mother care (skin-to-skin contact), immediate breastfeeding, HIV-exposed infants, and newborn care. We will survey mothers post-delivery to ensure our clients are feeling the impact of our continued efforts to improve their care.
  • We installed a new oxygen piping system in Lwala Community Hospital this quarter. This allows for inpatient treatment for oxygen deficiency. Our inability to provide on-premise oxygen supply was a key driver of patient referrals to other clinics. This new system will allow us to improve patient care and in turn, reduce referral costs.
  • We enrolled over 1,332 HIV-positive clients into care through the mUzima mobile application. This application is a new technology that we are piloting to ensure 100% linkage to care by facilitating mobile enrollment in HIV care from the community. We are using this tool to continue exceeding the WHO targets for HIV care, 90% of whom are tested, enrolled, and/or on sustained therapy.
  • We enrolled 182 clients into the National Health Insurance Fund and 838 into the LindaMama maternal health insurance program. These insurance programs reimburse Lwala Community Hospital for the services provided.
  • We received an 89% average score on a capacity assessment led by the Ministry of Health and the University of Maryland. We were scored across 12 service delivery areas and received a 100% on Quality Improvement!


  • Improve patient care and clinical operations
  • Improve access and facility infrastructure
  • Expand and improve quality of education programs
  • Professionalize the organization through better policies and practices
  • Properly procure and account for physical, financial, and human resources
  • Increase impact of health outreach programs
  • Build capacity of community members in income generating activities
  • Improve programs through better communication and monitoring and evaluation

Lwala is a village of approximately 1,500 people near Lake Victoria in western Kenya. Within an hour’s walk, approximately 3,000 additional people live in nearby villages accessible by dirt roads. Poor physical infrastructure, including impassable roads during the rainy season, lack of electricity and lack of reliable drinking water, have helped to create a critical healthcare challenge in Lwala. The mission of the Lwala Community Hospital is to meet the holistic health needs of all members of the Lwala community.