Childhood Malnutrition Eradication Program

Madhya Pradesh
2009 - Present

Targets the 6 million children at risk from malnourishment.

Adolescent Girl Outreach Program

Madhya Pradesh
2014 - Present

Girls in rural India are given little information about the physical, emotional, and social changes that go along with puberty and adolescence. Proper education and guidance during this developmental phase has critical implications that affect individuals, families and entire communities.

mHealth: Malnutrition Eradication

Madhya Pradesh, India
2011 - Present

Facilitates the transition of paper-based data collected to electronic submission via cellphone.

Naiara’s Rahul Trust

Madhya Pradesh, India
2011 - Present

In memory of Rahul, a special little boy who suffered from tubercular meningitis and hydrocephalus.

Human Potential in Action

Real Success Stories

A Big Success

One Ambitious Goal

A PSA about our malnutrition eradication program created by World Bank Development Marketplace.