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During my months in Jhabua, halfway between New Delhi and Mumbai, I met and had the chance to support many children and their families. I still remember their names: Rahul, Amansingh, Suriya, Gila, Anandini, Basanti, Vaishali, Shakuntala, Sharika, Pintu, Papita, Ajjay, Pannu, Sonu, Preeti, Munna, Ashish… Each of them with different conditions, different ages and different ways of being, my heart is theirs. We tried to help them all, many of the times with a high success. I will briefly mention my experience with Rahul, the little angel actually that gives name to this new initiative. -Naiara Tejados

Naiara Tejados, a 2011 RMF Volunteer in India, created and funded Naiara’s Rahul Trust in early 2012 in memory of Rahul, a special little boy who suffered from tubercular meningitis and hydrocephalus. Naiara helped Rahul recover tremendously during her time in India but he finally passed away in October of 2011. The purpose of this trust is to continue to treat as many ailing children as possible in the Mahdya Pradesh region of India. Using donations made from Naiara’s hometown in Spain to launch this initiative, we are aiming to keep this trust alive with continuing contributions. Donations made in the name of this trust will go directly towards the program.

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