Nepal Earthquake

2015 - Present

RMF is implementing long-term programs following the Nepal earthquake.

Please find more recent RMF earthquake relief updates under the specific programs on this page.

Orphanage Support

2015 - Present

RMF is supporting Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO) in improving orphanage-based children’s health by providing better quality primary health care, including nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene.

Model Village

2015 - Present

RMF is supplying high-quality primary health care to residents of Arupokhari and the surrounding villages, as well as supporting the town’s reconstruction efforts, especially in regards to health and education.

The B Project

2015 - Present

Real Medicine Foundation, in partnership with Seven Summits Women and White Girl in Nepal, is working to rebuild, equip, and staff several schools in Bhotenamlang.

Kanti Childrens Hospital

2015 - Present

RMF is currently supporting Kanti Children’s Hospital through donation of essential medical equipment, medicines and supplies, as well as managing several of the hospital’s free programs.

Kavre Community Outreach Program

2016 - Present

RMF Nepal is in the process of establishing a Community Outreach Program in Kavrepalanchowk (Kavre), Central Region that will promote public health.

Partnership with MOHP, UNFPA, WHO and GIZ to foster Midwifery Education

2016 - Present

Based on RMF South Sudan’s highly successful Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery, RMF Nepal was invited by UNFPA to enter into a partnership to support professional Midwifery education in Nepal.

Lumbini Girls School

2015 - Present

RMF provides support and capacity building to the Karuna Girls’ School, and is planning to create a nursing and midwifery program in partnership with the school.

Urban Health Center, Palpa

2016 - Present

RMF Urban Health Center in Chyuripokhara, Palpa District, Nepal offers free healthcare services, low-cost medicines, and health education in order to improve the health status of Palpa community.

Nepal Flood Relief

Rautahat District
2017 - Present

RMF is providing essential supplies and relief items to victims of the 2017 floods.

Free Health Camps

2018 - Present

RMF is supporting free health camps throughout Nepal, providing essential medical access to rural and disaster affected communities.

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RMF in Nepal

Disaster Relief to Building a Brighter Future

Following the 2015 earthquake in the Ghorka region of Nepal, RMF supported immediate relief efforts and is currently involved in several initiatives that focus on rebuilding communities.