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More than 8,500 people are dead and more than 15,000 injured following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit the Himalayan region the morning of April 25. The earthquake, also known as the Gorkha earthquake, affected eight million people across Nepal with one million children in urgent need of help. Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless with entire villages demolished. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake. More than 200 aftershocks occurred throughout Nepal since then. Another strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 hit Nepal on May 12 killing more than 200 people and injuring 2,500. The epicenter for this second earthquake was near the Chinese border between the capital of Kathmandu and Mt. Everest.

*Please find more recent RMF earthquake relief updates under the specific programs on our Nepal page.

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