24,000,000 people affected

South Asia, August 2017

90,000 homes destroyed

Nepal, August 2017

150 deaths

Nepal, August 2017

Status: Active


During the summer of 2017, severe monsoon rains caused extensive flooding and landslides in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. An estimated 24 million people have been affected in the region. Hundreds of Nepali villages were cut off from electricity and communications, 90,000 homes have been destroyed, and 150 people have died. The southern plains, Nepal’s primary agricultural area, have been most affected. Thus, along with the current difficulties in accessing food, shelter, and clean water, there is concern that the country may experience severe food shortages due to the destroyed crops. Affected populations are also at risk for waterborne and mosquito-borne diseases.

Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) arrived in Nepal shortly after the April 2015 earthquake, and we continue to provide relief, medical, and educational support in several regions of the country. RMF Nepal’s flood relief efforts are concentrated in the southern district of Rautahat. We are partnering with a local NGO, BHORE, to provide flood relief to families most affected in the region.

Action Plan


RMF is partnering with local NGO BHORE and coordinating with the local government.

Flood Relief Packages

In partnership with a local NGO, RMF is assembling and distributing flood relief packages to families most affected in Rautahat District. Each relief package includes personal hygiene items, a small first aid kit, insect repellent, food, chlorine solution (for water purification), a lighter, and a flashlight with batteries.


  • Damaged and destroyed homes
  • Damaged infrastructure
  • Difficulty accessing food and clean water
  • Increased risk of waterborne and mosquito-borne diseases

Ongoing Presence

RMF is working with community members in Rautahat District, NGO BHORE, and the local government to ensure timely and relevant provision of flood relief to families most in need. We are assembling and distributing flood relief packages, and we will continue to adapt our strategy and services to best meet the needs of the affected population.

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