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Child Population

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Providing Support

Kanti Children’s Hospital is the only government referral level Children’s Hospital in Nepal. It was established in 1963 as a general hospital with only 32 beds. It has since grown to 320 beds.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015 crippled the city of Kathmandu. A five-month blockade only magnified the devastation causing a shortage of fuel, supplies, and medicines.

Action Plan

Key Objectives

  • Provide essential medical supplies, blood, and nutritional support for patients
  • Provide access and transportation to testing and procedures
  • Educate and provide patient care instruction to families
  • Support non-paying ward patients financially
  • Manage various hospital programs (blood drive program, free-of-cost kitchen, playroom and library, and clothes bank)


Obstacles to Overcome

  1. Severe structural damage to the hospital
  2. Restricted access to critical supplies like fuel, supplies, and medicines
  3. Large child population and so few hospital beds

Ongoing Presence

Long-Term Partnership

RMF is supporting Social Action Volunteers (SAV), a non-governmental organization serving the neediest patients and their families. They provides various support programs to long-term care (2+ weeks) in the non-paying ward:

  • Essential medical supplies, equipment, medicine, and blood
  • Investigation
  • Transportation to outside services
  • Food supplements

SAV also provides other amenities to the patients and their families:

  • Shelter and food
  • Cooking facilities
  • Financial services
  • Education and instruction

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