Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Lodwar District Hospital Support"

Status: Active


Lodwar District Hospital (DH) is the only functional government regional referral hospital for all of Turkana region, spanning a population of almost 1,000,000. Lodwar DH has been struggling for years with wards in need of major repair, and supplies and drugs that come in with great irregularity from the government health supplies department in Nairobi.

In 2009 Dr. Fuchs realized that referral care could only be improved for the Turkana people if the hospital received additional support to supplement supplies, upgrade the infrastructure and equipment, and conduct on-the-job training for the healthcare and biotechnical staff.

RMF has been able to support Lodwar hospitals growth and success, by prioritizing the following goals — rehabilitate the infrastructure and equipment set at Lodwar District Hospital, beginning with the pediatric ward; provide regularity to supplies of basic medical devices, disposables, and pharmaceuticals, complementing the items from Kenya Medical Supplies (KEMSA); provide equipment maintenance and spare parts management and organize on-site clinical training, beginning with general equipment use and care, and pediatric emergency care.

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