Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Support for Sri Lankan Youth Post Tsunami – Carpentry Tools for Rohana"

Status: Completed


Rohana is a deaf young man whose line of work is carpentry. Since he lost all of his equipment in the tsunami, he is seeking help to buy a set of carpentry tools. A complete set, including a multi-purpose saw machine, would help him to provide for himself and his family again costs about US $700.

The accounting firm of Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co., LLP ( in Los Angeles, took on the project of raising the funds for Rohana as part of their "MKA Miles" marketing game. In the process, employees are challenged to better their communication, marketing, business, philanthropic and networking skills by taking on projects in their own community and around the world. They are pleased to contribute to Real Medicine while further developing their own abilities.

With the carpentry tools he received through the generous donation of Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co., LLP in Los Angeles, Rohana was able to re-start his career as a full-time carpenter. He considers this as a major turning point in his life, since he had lost his house, most of his belongings and his carpentry equipment in the tsunami of December 2004. In addition, he suffers from a hearing and speech disability.

With the income through his work, he is able to support his mother, Mrs. Mapi Nona, and his younger brother A.P. Amith Rangana, as well. His father had died when he was very young. He built a workshop in front of his house and also takes his tools and machinery to private homes and to businesses to work there. When I visited him, he was at Hathagala near Hambantota.

Using the income generated with the help of his new equipment, he has already expanded his business and bought several electrical tools as well. The doors and windows of his house, shown on the photos, were made by him. They look very professional and beautiful.