Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Powerloom Factory Camp"

Status: Completed


The Powerloom Factory Camp camp was not fortunate enough to be taken under the care of any large NGO. Each of the 29 families here receives only 375 rupees a week from the Sri Lankan government, roughly $3.50 US and is at the mercy of passersby for all other donations. This is the camp I (Elaine Fortin) worked at during my month in Sri Lanka, one month after the tsunami. During that time, I helped raise $2000 US from friends in the USA and Canada, which paid for 500 pairs of eyeglasses for tsunami victims in the Tangalle area, on the south coast. Mervyn Church of Bristol, UK, has also been a major benefactor to these people. WIth the help of friends and family, Mervyn has paid for and implemented major improvements in the basic infrastructure of the camp, the food supply, education, health and housing.