Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Model Village"

Status: Completed


Our vision is to rebuild good, stable, and environmentally friendly houses and/or small villages in three (3) specifically focused areas to be distributed to the really needy people (e.g., there could be a family who has lost a house only and a family who has lost the house and the salary earner. Help should go to the latter.)

Regarding different races and religions in those areas, our goal is bringing together the people.

We are of the opinion that we should construct small model villages, which are beautifully and conceptually planned (which could be named after the sponsor), which will comprise of well-built, environmentally and sanitation friendly practical housing, a small school and medical clinic with ambulance, community/sports center, playground, library, small market & post office. Please note that required facilities will differ from those in the United States or Europe, and the costs will be very much lower here, hence making the project feasible. We also feel that beautifully planned, clean small villages would facilitate tourism as well, and assist to develop employment opportunities of these people.

Final Proposal – Short Term
Final Proposal – Long Term