Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Long-term Medical Support for Children (Tharindu)"

Status: Completed


Some of the challenges faced by these children and their families include the prohibitive costs associated with treatment and the stigma of their stunted growth. Professor Sujeewa, who has worked closely with Real Medicine Foundation and oversees our program, discussed the logistics of treatment, follow up and reporting. Our program has provided a template to follow for others who wish to sponsor groups of children.

Tharindu Hasanga

Real Medicine Foundation began providing support to Tharindu four years ago to treat his Familial Hypercholesterolemia, which if left untreated could be lead to cardiac arrest in early adulthood. Tharindu lost his mother to the Tsunami and his father abandoned him soon afterwards, so went to live with his aunt, Mrs. Jenita Muthumala in Moraketi-Ara.

Along with the other children in the program, he reports to Ruhuna Medical College every three months. His blood profile is reviewed and if necessary, his dosage is augmented to keep his cholesterol levels stable. Real Medicine Foundation also provides him with a food parcel each month, which includes fruits, vegetables and grains. With the support of Real Medicine Foundation, Tharindu is able to lead a healthy life without the concern for his treatment. Presently, he is enrolled at the Technical College at Beliatta, Tangalle in a one year Motor Mechanic Training course.