Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Physical Therapy Enhancement Training"

Status: Completed


Our Real Medicine Team Whole Health Initiative to provide protocol enhancement trainings to physical therapists in Tangalle, Sri Lanka and serve out patient clinics was a tremendous success. The purpose of this initiative was to follow up last year’s program at Navajeevana as part of our commitment of ongoing training for physical therapists and assistants in cost effective, progressive treatment protocols such as The Trager® Approach for chronic and Post Traumatic Stress pain, spasticity, and neuromuscular disorders. We also provided clinical sessions for Navajeevana as well as for Real Medicine Foundation’s outpatient clinic at Yayawatta Village.

Navajeevana meaning (new life), now in its twentieth year, is the only comprehensive private, non-governmental rehabilitation center in Sri Lanka and funded solely on the donations of others. Initially started to give community based rehabilitation for the poorest people in this province, it is the only rehabilitation centre providing Physical Therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech & language therapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Wheel chair, Audio testing, and community based rehabilitation under one roof. Navajeevana is also conducting a special school for disabled children.