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Rising Stronger

A Story of Hope

August 13, 2019 - South Sudan

Rachel Wright

Nakoria Logge and her baby brother in Boma

Nakoria Logge is a 16-year-old girl from Kessingor, South Sudan. After her mother died, she was left to care for her 7-year-old sister and 5-month-old twin brothers alone, as her father stays in a cattle camp and is not involved in their lives. Her days consist of trying to sustain her siblings:

…there was not enough food for my brothers to eat and they became sick and malnourished. There are no health facilities around Kessingor. The nearest one is in Boma which is two days’ walk…

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Precious and Difficult

Finding the Balance in Motherhood

Before the sun has a chance to rise, children around the world are climbing onto their sleeping mothers’ backs, pulling their hair, and begging for breakfast. That is, of course, if these mothers have not already been up for an hour or two catching up on chores or nursing an infant who has yet to understand the difference between night and day. Such moments of motherhood, both sweet and exhausting, precious and difficult, exemplify the whole of the experience—the balance. Motherhood is full of contradicting experiences…

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Help us give more women and children the chance to realize their potential this holiday season by making a donation to our Giving Tuesday campaign. Every dollar will go directly to the field and give children like Prateek and Savan a chance at a better life.

On Aprll 4th, 2014, RMF’s Khargone District Coordinator, Auntim Gupta, alerted the RMF team about a severe case of malnutrition in Galtar village of Jirnia block, Khargone. RMF’s CNE, Neelofar Mirza, had been working with a family of four for months, and both parents were unwilling to take the…

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At RMF we believe every life deserves the chance to realize its potential. When people are liberated from their fight for survival, they begin creating a better life for themselves and their community.

We believe in the human ability to transform. Our innate capacity to create transcends differences of ethnicity and economic standing. We are human because of our potential to change the world. When we are at our best, we are co-creators.

By empowering the people we are trying to help, we discover visionaries and partners who are best able to solve their…

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Chelsea Hedquist, the Senior Communications Officer at mHealth Alliance, just visited our Malnutrition mHealth Program in Barwani on her tour of India and wrote the following article about the tremendous positive impact that mobile technology can have on health outcomes : Link to article here or read below.  Thanks Chelsea!

21 November 2013

mHealth in Action: CommCare to Support Community Nutrition

By Chelsea Hedquist, Senior Communications Officer, mHealth Alliance.The second stop of my 10-day, 6-city journey across India took me to a village called Barwani, approximately three hours southwest of Indore in the…

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Our best NGO friend in Jhabua, the BHILS Health Initiative, has agreed to share its medical staff with RMF and to collaborate on nutrition in the villages in which they work.

The BHILS Health Initiative currently covers 22 villages in Jhabua in a holistic health intervention in which they visit the villages twice a month, screen for illness in all inhabitants and pay special attention to adolecent girls, pregnant and lactating mothers, and children under 5 years old. They are already screening for malnutrition and have in the past been providing nutritional supplements to children with moderate acute…

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Please watch this great video made by our friends at the World Bank. They do a great job at explaining malnutrition in India and what we can do about it. WB recently gave RMF a longer, India-specific version of this video, in Hindi, that has been edited and adapted as a tool to train field workers in nutrition. We’re using this video during our training sessions with local NGOs and self-help groups to give them an introduction on malnutrition.

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Very informative video on malnutrition in India from the World Bank:

Malnutrition in India

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Recent news coverage of malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh, India

June 27, 2009 - India

by Caitlin McQuilling

NDTV recently covered the state of malnutrition in the districts where RMF is working in Madhya Pradesh. They give a great overview of the challenges we are facing.

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An Impending Emergency

A Note From The Field

June 23, 2009 - India

Caitlin McQuilling

Widespread malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh, India

Jhabua, Alirajpur, Khandwa, Khargone June 2009

Malnutrition is one of the most serious and large scale health problems facing the Indian state today:

46% of children under 5 in India are malnourished Over 60% of the children under 5 in Madhya Pradesh are malnourished – the country’s highest malnutrition rate.  Out of these 6 million malnourished children in MP, 1.3 have severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and another 1 million have moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) [1] MP’s tribal districts are the worst hit in the country because of…
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The Hidden Hunger

May 31, 2009 - India

Caitlin McQuilling


Nicholas Kristof writes about malnutrition in Africa, but touches on some of the same issues we face with our malnutrition eradication program in India. Malnutrition in India is most often not a result of the lack of food, but a lack of proper nutrition compounded by a lack of education about what constitutes proper nutrition and young child feeding practices.

Malnutrition eradication approaches in India over the past 30 years have focused on food security, trying to ensure that families across the country have access to staple foods. This has resulted in a well developed…

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Malnutrition getting worse in India – Madhya Pradesh

March 24, 2009 - India

by Dr. Martina Fuchs

About 60% children in Madhya Pradesh state are malnourished.

Real Medicine Foundation works in Jhabua District, Madhya Pradesh.

Lying on a bed is a tiny malnourished child. Her limbs wasted, her stomach bloated, her hair thinning and falling out. Her name is Roshni.

She stares, wide-eyed, blankly at the ceiling. Roshni is six months old. She should weigh 4.5kg. But when she is placed on a set of scales they settle at just 2.9kg.

Roshni is suffering from severe acute malnutrition, defined by the…

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