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Meet Moises

Mbawa Health Center Volunteer

May 05, 2014 - Mozambique

Excerpt from a report by Tito Jequicene, MD and Jonathan White

Meet Moises

Moises Pedro Monteiro, 50, is married and the father of a 16-year-old son. He lives in the town of Mbawa and has given lectures and sensitized the community on disease prevention and the importance of going to a health center as soon as you have any signs of illness. Moises states:

"Before the arrival of the Mobile Clinic, I had many problems with the community. After lectures I conducted, people came to the hospital, and often received transfer slips or referrals to go to the district headquarters in Namacurra, which is 30 km from Mbawa,…

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Photo: Dr. Martina C. Fuchs, RMF Founder/CEO, making new friends at the Lwala, Kenya Community Hospital, October 1, 2011

We are so grateful to all our friends, supporters and teams around the world and wish everyone a fantastic 2012!

Having wrapped up another successful  we want to pause and say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who supported our work in 2011.  You have helped us achieve so much, and we give our deep thanks to everyone for your generosity and support!

In 2011 we..

In Japan, post-earthquake and…

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Last 3 days to give!

December 29, 2010

If you were considering donating to a worthy cause in 2010 and taking advantage of the tax benefits of charitable donations, now is your last chance to contribute!

As we look towards new efforts and projects in 2011 it is only through your generous funding that we will be able to continue our long term development projects in some of the poorest areas on this planet.

As you know, we have set the goal of raising $100,000 by December 31st, and would greatly appreciate if you consider Real Medicine for your year-end donation.

In the spirit of Real Medicine…

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Over 800 People Receive Care, on Wheels!

RMF: Mozambique Mobile Clinic Update (April 2010)

April 14, 2010 - Mozambique

by Teresa Mendoza and Jonathan White

Our mobile clinic continues to operate successfully in Mozambique under the effective direction of our implementing partner, Friends in Global Health (FGH).

The main activities carried out during this last reporting period were related to supporting the health facilities at Macuse and Mexixine in the Namacurra district, reaching out to the community residents and families of patients gathered at these two locations.

The main services provided were HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment, Prevention and Care for TB, prevention of cervical and breast cancer, maternal and child health outreach and promotion, public education regarding the…

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On August 15th, 2009, a health fair took place in Quelimane, Mozambique, for the first time to help educate people about their health.

Friends in Global Health

, affiliated with Vanderbilt University, debuted the RMF Mobile Clinic at the fair as an opportunity to witness its capabilities. It was the first time that the Mobile Clinic has been used and at the end of the day nearly 500 people had passed through its doors.

As for the results of those treated: of 463 people only 77 had high blood pressure; of 95…

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Mozambique Mobile Clinic

March 23, 2009 - Mozambique

Real Medicine’s Mobile Clinic will be launched in Mozambique in April.

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July 27, 2008 - Mozambique

Journey to Gile My two-week sojourn in Gile district allowed me to observe the full-spectrum of rural health programs being run by the Ministry of Health, Friends in Global Health (FGH) and other partners. Having surveyed the clinical activities of FGH in the district during my first few days in Gile, I now needed to learn about the health outreach and education programs in the communities themselves. On June 14, I had the perfect opportunity to spend time out in the villages and observe the realities of life in rural Mozambique.

I set out from the peripheral…

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Journey to Gile

On June 9, I packed my bags and departed for a two week survey of Gile district. Gile is a mountainous area in the north-east of Zambezia province, easily one of the most isolated and challenging regions in rural Mozambique. Considering the highly dispersed population and tremendous need for basic healthcare—let alone HIV/AIDS services—in Gile, it had been suggested by Friends in Global Health (FGH) as an ideal place to pilot the mobile clinic. Accordingly, I undertook the 400 km journey to Gile from Quelimane on a clear Monday morning with Dr. Emilio Valverde,…

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The first week of June provided me a quick orientation to the excellent work of Friends in Global Health (FGH) in HIV care in Mozambique. It also served as an eye-opening reminder of the human devastation caused by AIDS when acting in concert with extremely poor primary healthcare, frequent natural disasters, population dispersion, inadequate infrastructure, and tremendous logistical challenges. These challenges have come to characterize Zambézia, the most populous province of the country and the staging ground for FGH’s PEPFAR-funded campaign to bring HIV detection and treatment to the rural areas of the country. In Zambézia, rural areas represent…

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Mozambique – Mobile Clinic Project

March 17, 2008 - Mozambique

Dr. Martina Fuchs

By Dr Martina Fuchs

The Zambezi, Africa’s fourth largest river, rises in Zambia and flows along the borders of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe to Mozambique, where it spills into the Indian Ocean. Since mid December 2007, early and torrential seasonal rains across northern Zimbabwe, southern Zambia, Malawi and central and northern Mozambique – intensified by a La Niña in the Pacific and possibly climate change – have waterlogged and destroyed fields, washed out roads and villages, and destroyed livelihoods. The worry for Mozambique is that most of that water drains out to the east along the Zambezi River…

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Real Medicine Mozambique

July 22, 2007 - Mozambique

Real Medicine Foundation is preparing to establish a clinic in the refugee camps in northern Mozambique (150,000 refugees after the floods in the Zambezi River Basin and the impact of Cyclone Favio) in cooperation with The Sole of Africa and Operation of Hope.

Surgeries will be provided by Operation of Hope and the RMF team at Pemba Hospital.

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