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Meet Moises

Mbawa Health Center Volunteer

May 05, 2014 - Mozambique

Excerpt from a report by Tito Jequicene, MD and Jonathan White

Meet Moises

Moises Pedro Monteiro, 50, is married and the father of a 16-year-old son. He lives in the town of Mbawa and has given lectures and sensitized the community on disease prevention and the importance of going to a health center as soon as you have any signs of illness. Moises states:

"Before the arrival of the Mobile Clinic, I had many problems with the community. After lectures I conducted, people came to the hospital, and often received transfer slips or referrals to go to the district headquarters in Namacurra, which is 30 km from Mbawa, or at best, the rural hospital in Macuse that is about 13 km away. I myself had to take samples for suspected TB cases to Macuse, by bike, and sometimes even accompanied by patients who were very sick and unable to walk. With the arrival of the Mobile Clinic last September, everything changed. Most diseases are now being treated right here in Mbawa with medicines readily available."

The Mobile Clinic’s General Medical Technician, Elévio says:

"In addition to strengthening the health center staff and improving drug stock management with the arrival of the Pharmacy Technician, the Mobile Clinic has also increased consultations. There has been a more dynamic attendance among community members for a range of services. For example, cases of epilepsy have been identified, harvesting and processing of samples for suspected syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections has increased and the control of diabetes and blood pressure has been made possible. These services did not exist at the health center before the Mobile Clinic arrived. There was also a very large decrease in referral of patients to other hospitals, because the Mobile Clinic is equipped with a team of health professionals ranging from medical technicians, pharmacists and maternal and child health nurses.”

The head of the Mbawa Health Center feels that the Mobile Clinic has enhanced the service capabilities of the facility, providing faster results for sample harvesting and processing and providing an overall benefit to patient care. For more information about the Mobile Clinic and other initiatives in Mozambique, read the Full Report.

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