Today, 24th January 2015, Hiccup Circus presented their informative performances that the community had been eagerly awaiting following the posters that we had pinned earlier on at public places in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement inviting the community for the event. A very special Thank You to RMF’s Cindy Stein Urbanc for introducing RMF to Hiccup Circus and for fundraising herself to make this event possible!

The performances were dramatizing two themes: Encouraging communities to take children for Immunization and HIV/AIDS Prevention. The performances attracted a significant audience of approximately 1,000 people, mostly children and youths (as you see from the pictures); the performances were so amazing that everybody was laughing a lot.

The audience appreciated the creativity and the messages. In my opinion it will be very good to have this performance again when there are public functions in the settlement say during World AIDS Day, etc. It is entertaining and educational. It was a big success.

Hiccup Circus entertaining the audience of refugees and nationals at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

Rear show by Hiccup Circus at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

A young boy watching Hiccup Circus performances from a tree

Watching amazing performances by Hiccup Circus

Audience watching performances by Hiccup Circus at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement – Who could avoid laughing or smiling?

Fire show by Hiccup Circus at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

A performer from the Hiccup Circus group entertaining the gathering at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

Hiccup Circus dramatizing the importance of breastfeeding and immunizing of all children

Large gathering watching Hiccup Circus performances

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