A new call center for refugees and asylum seekers is set up and operational in Kampala, Uganda. The center will receive and respond to calls from persons of concern.

Communication System Launched in Uganda

Receiving and responding to calls from refugees

The UNHCR published a press release noting that UNHCR and its partners have successfully piloted a Feedback, Referral and Resolution Mechanism (FRRM) in Nakivale and Kiryandongo. The helpline is operational as of October 10.

The new inter-agency Feedback, Referral and Resolution Mechanism (FRRM) will augment the existing information sharing system in refugee settlements and provide safe, accessible and reliable communication channels to refugees and asylum seekers.

The full report can be read by clicking the image below or on the UNHCR website.

If you are in Uganda and need to reach the helpline, call 0800 32 32 32.

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