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AmazonSmile (Photo: Muhammed Muheisen, AP)

The refugees within Serbia feel that they are running out of options. RMF has been responding to the refugee crisis since January 2016, by providing comprehensive protection and medical services to persons of concern. Our team works in and around the Belgrade city center, providing outreach medical care and referral services for secondary and tertiary care institutions. Read a small excerpt below of an article featured in USA TODAY which contains a statement from a Real Medicine Foundation Serbia country team member.

"In most European countries, refugees usually must…

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Middle East Monitor featured the RMF Serbia team in a recent article. Here is a small clip of the article highlighting the initiative.

"In November Real Medicine Foundation treated over 1,000 patients for body lice and scabies and reported that a high number of refugees in Belgrade’s city centre are considered “extremely vulnerable individuals."

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The Blistering Cold

Refugees and asylum seekers throughout Serbia are now experiencing the blistering cold of winter. A national news station recently interviewed RMF Serbia Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Pejkovic.

The translation is below:



Numerous volunteers from the nongovernmental organization are providing protection for refugees 24 hours a day. On winter days, they have more work to do.  


 Daniel Pejković:

“This weather favors development of respiratory infections, and that’s something they get very often. Other than that, we had multiple frostbite cases. Some of those…

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Fleeing War is no Crime.

This morning hundreds of refugees began a hunger strike, refusing the humanitarian aid distributed daily in Belgrade, and then commenced a march by foot to Hungary in the hope of crossing the border.

They are calling for their voices to be heard among other requests, such as the fear of deportation, or mistreatment by authorities. Recently a number of policy changes were made, including increasing readmission to Serbia from Hungary, a new Hungarian policy to arrest any refugee within 8km of the anti-migrant fence separating Serbia from Hungary, whilst…

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