Fleeing War is no Crime.

This morning hundreds of refugees began a hunger strike, refusing the humanitarian aid distributed daily in Belgrade, and then commenced a march by foot to Hungary in the hope of crossing the border.

They are calling for their voices to be heard among other requests, such as the fear of deportation, or mistreatment by authorities. Recently a number of policy changes were made, including increasing readmission to Serbia from Hungary, a new Hungarian policy to arrest any refugee within 8km of the anti-migrant fence separating Serbia from Hungary, whilst mobilizing military, monitoring from helicopters, drone and infra red sensors. FRONTEX commenced management of the Bulgarian border with Serbia today. Serbia remains open to supporting the plight of these extremely vulnerable people.

Real Medicine Foundation continues to provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week medical outreach care to refugees in Belgrade. We are currently providing medical care and water to the column of refugees walking to Hungary.

N’Deane Helajzen: RMF Serbia Program Director
22nd July 2016

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