By Sean Coughlan

BBC published an article outlining a significant unreported gap in the official statistics published about developing countries, and specifically, statistics regarding children who do not have access to education. Sean Coughlan sheds light on " "invisible" people, below the demographic radar, are described as "the poorest of the poorest". These are families growing up in places where censuses and administrators do not reach." Below is a small excerpt.

" Whenever any report has a "global" subject matter it’s never long before there’s a massive, global-size statistic, counting people by the millions and billions.

News reports on global problems like to gesture to devastation and deprivation on an epic scale, counting out the suffering in numbers so big that they almost lose meaning.

And maybe they actually do go astray.

Because the annual monitoring report on education from the United Nations education agency, Unesco, makes the point that global figures on access to education could be out by a factor of 350 million.

That’s not a minor gap in the headcount. That’s the equivalent of the combined populations of the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. "

The entire article can be ready by clicking the images below or on the BBC website.

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