Translation: Wheelchair Distribution in Madan Kundari

Publication: Kavre Post
Date: December 4, 2016

Madan Kundari – Wheelchairs have been distributed in a remote village of the Kavre district: Madan Kundari. On Friday, December 2nd, 2016, wheelchairs were distributed to 9 physically disabled people of Madan Kundari. The program, organized by the Madan Kundari Health Post, was chaired by Mr. Jhamka Gautam, the chairperson of the Health Post Management Committee. The program was conducted by the chief of the health post, Mr. Tej Bahadur Ghising.

Mr. Ganesh Shrestha was the chief guest and the program administrator. He is the Nepal representative for the organization that donated the wheelchairs, Real Medicine Foundation. Mr. Shrestha expressed his happiness to be able to provide medical supplies and equipment to remote areas east of Koshi in Kavre district.

The chairman of Madan Kundari Health Post, Mr. Jhamka Gautam, expressed that he expects to receive similar humanitarian help from Real Medicine Foundation in the days to come as well. The program administrator and representative of Real Medicine Foundation, Mr. Ganesh Shrestha, has committed to providing assistance on the request. He also informed us of the five-year plan being developed to benefit 8 Village Development Committees (VDCs) east of Koshi in Kavre district.

The physically disabled, their guardians, and their representatives were provided with 7 wheelchairs, and the 2 individuals who were not able to be present at the program received wheelchairs when representatives visited their homes. Also, 5 wheelchairs were previously distributed through the assistance of Real Medicine Foundation in Dhuseni Shivalaya. Similarly, we were informed that wheelchairs were also sent to Gothpani, Pokhari Chauri, Kotali, and Birta Deurali through the program.

During the program, the welcome speech was given by Mr. Norbu Lama, a member of the Madan Kundari Health Post Management Committee. Mr. Basudev Dhakal, Chief of Gothpani Health Post, praised the humanitarian support. Similarly, Mr. Balkrishna Gautam, acting Chief of Dhuseni Shivalaya Health Post who works as a coordinator for a medical equipment distribution program in the Koshi area, praised the exemplary role played by Real Medicine Foundation after a massive earthquake.

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