On January 6, 2018, Kanti Children’s Hospital held a ceremony to celebrate its 56th anniversary. Minister of Health Dipak Bohara was the chief guest, and other dignitaries from the Ministry of Health, other hospitals, universities, and government agencies were present as special guests. During the ceremony, Kanti Children’s Hospital presented three supporting organizations, including Real Medicine Foundation (RMF), with certificates of appreciation. The certificate is signed by Dr. Ganesh Kumar Rai, director of the hospital; Chairman Subodh Raj Acharya of the Kanti Children’s Hospital Development Board; and Minister of Health Dipak Bohara.

This certificate of appreciation marks a milestone in RMF Nepal’s partnership with government agencies, and we are deeply honored and proud of this achievement.

Shortly after the April 2015 earthquake, RMF started its support of Kanti Children’s Hospital by donating more than $400,000 worth of medicines, medical supplies, and laboratory supplies. RMF continues to support a blood bank, lodging, food, transportation, medicines, laboratory services, and other necessities for needy patients and their families. In March 2017, RMF also began supporting human resources at Kanti Children’s Hospital, and is now providing the hospital with 3 medical officers and 4 registered nurses.

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