In its latest emergency update, the UNHCR reports that the number of South Sudanese refugees fleeing to Uganda has significantly increased in the past 7 days: "24,814 people arrived in the last week, compared to 18,703 and 17,133 in the previous two weeks." The report further explains:

  • 15,562 South Sudanese have fled to Uganda from September 9, 2016 to September 13, 2016.
  • Due to the threat of armed groups, more South Sudanese refugees have been entering Uganda at informal border crossings.
  • 72,000 refugees have now been transferred to Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. (Bidibidi was opened in early August 2016.)
  • "262 (5.6%) of the 4,683 children aged between 6 to 59 months screened were found to be acutely malnourished" in the new Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.
  • 53 cases of acute watery diarrhea (AWD) were reported in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. All patients were treated and discharged, and there has not been another AWD case reported since September 3.
  • About 500 medical consultations are conducted every day in Bidibidi.
  • In Zone 1 of Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, there is currently 1 latrine for every 42 people and 1 bathing facility for every 254 people.
  • Progress is being made in providing more water, latrines, and bathing facilities in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.
  • 29 additional women’s group members received SGBV prevention and response training in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.
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