The response system continues to transport new arrivals to reception centres from where they are allocated plots in settlements. Of yesterday’s arrivals in Elegu, by yesterday evening some 550 were transferred to reception centres. Capacity is being strengthened at Elegu to ensure that life-saving services, including medical screening and distribution of high energy biscuits, is able to meet the needs of new arrivals while they await their transfer.

Pagirinya settlement in Adjumani, capable of hosting 12,500 individuals, will have reached its maximum absorption capacity within two days. Agojo (Adjumani district, with an anticipated capacity of around 20,000) and Yumbe (Yumbe district, 2 sites with an expected combined capacity of 60,000) are potential new settlement areas under discussion with the Government of Uganda and indications are that these will be assigned as the next receiving sites.

UNHCR Uganda has triggered deployments from a country internal staff deployment roster (relocating staff from other offices to the North for an initial two weeks). In addition, further emergency deployments and other staff support will be requested from UNHCR global mechanisms.

A replenishment of non-food relief items for 60,000 individuals has been requested from UNHCR global preparedness stocks. Shipments are being arranged.

The inter-agency site assessment mission is scheduled to depart tomorrow and will proceed directly to Yumbe, from there to Moyo, Adjumani and Kiryandongo.

For more information, please reference the UNHCR Emergency Portal

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