USA Today wrote a piece featuring the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. The writer, Julian Hattam, interviewed RMF Uganda Country Director Naku Charles Lwanga about his thoughts concerning the refugees assimilating into the Ugandan communities.

“They have been integrated within the community,” said Naku Charles Lwanga, the Uganda country director for the Real Medicine Foundation, which operates in Bidi Bidi. “Sometimes it is very difficult to identify who’s a refugee and who is a Ugandan. If the policy remains friendly the way it is, the refugees after maybe 10 years [or] 20 years, they’re just totally integrated."

RMF was named UNHCR Health Implementing Partner for the new settlement, and we were the first partner organization to arrive in Bidibidi. RMF’s goal is to provide comprehensive primary healthcare services to the population of Bidibidi Refugee Settlement by establishing easily accessible, fully stocked, fully staffed health clinics and creating a robust health outreach program.

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