On behalf of the UNHCR Representative to Uganda, please find attached the latest UNHCR Uganda updates on the Burundi.



  • The number of new arrivals from Burundi remains stable, though with weekly fluctuations. This week, a total of 344 individuals were received in Nakivale, a decrease from last week’s 637 individuals. Another 37 individuals (14 households) arrived in Kyaka II through Mirama Hills.
  • Most of the arrivals came from Bujumubura and neighboring areas, with others from a new area called Ngagara.
  • The new arrivals report that are fleeing politically motivated violence characterized by killings, rape, looting and kidnap of youths. The opposition movement militia is reported to kidnap individuals suspected to be wealthy and demand ransoms from their families.
Refugee Total in Uganda

The total number of refugees and asylum-seekers in Uganda reported by the Government of Uganda Office of the Prime Minister (as of 1 March 2016) is 509,077, as registered in the Refugee Information Management System (RIMS). For more information, please reference the UNHCR emergency portal

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