Influx of New Refugees, Ebola Outbreak Managed

DRC Conflicts Increase Number of Refugees Since May

10,989 new refugees arrived in Uganda in June, 79% of whom came from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), followed by South Sudan at 18% and Burundi at 4%. There was an average of 288 new arrivals per day, nearly twice as much as the month of May, the majority of whom were children. This growth trend can be attributed to factors including conflicts between the Hema and Lendu groups in the DRC and resulting human rights violations.

Armed groups are said to be attacking villages, torching and looting houses, and killing men, women and children. Some refugees are arriving with significant belongings, fearing they will not be able to return home for some time. Others who have fled imminent danger have little more than the clothes on their backs.

For more information on growth trends among the populations of concern, download the PDF below for the full June 2019 UNHCR Uganda Operational Update.

Uganda Ministry of Health Responds to June Ebola Outbreak

On June 11, the Uganda MOH declared the 6th Ebola outbreak in Kasese district, after a child died of the disease on that very day. The child’s grandfather died of the disease before he and 5 others crossed from DRC into Uganda. Soon after, two other family members tested positive and died as well. No new cases have arisen since, but the MOH is conducting active case search and death surveillance as well as vaccinating contacts, contacts of contacts, and frontline health workers.

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