Nearly 100% of CBI Targets Achieved

UNHCR Reports

"The Cash Working Group (CWG) coordinates the implementation of Cash Transfer Programmes in Uganda. As of June 2018, 9 organisations reported ongoing cash activities in 11 Settlements.

To date the CWG has disbursed 16.74 million in cash transfers to 319,412 beneficiaries. The largest proportion of cash (81) was disbursed in order to meet food needs while a relatively smaller proportion was provided for multipurpose cash (12), livelihoods (6) and Wash Support (1). Overall, almost 100% of the targets for planned cash disbursements was achieved apart from Palrionya, Bidibidi and Kyangwali where 93% to 98% of the targets was achieved. At USD 16.74 million, about 22% of the currently funded Refugee Response Plan (USD 60.2 million) has so far been delivered through cash transfers."

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