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August 18, 2011 13:00 ET

Real Medicine Foundation Receives United Nations Special Consultative Status

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA-(Marketwire Aug. 18, 2011) – Real Medicine Foundation is proud to announce that the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has formally recognized the organization and granted it "Special Consultative Status". Today Real Medicine also celebrates its 6th anniversary as a nonprofit organization.

ECOSOC is one of the 5 principal organs of the United Nations system. Consultative status is granted to NGOs by the ECOSOC upon recommendation of the ECOSOC Committee on NGOs, comprised of 19 Member States. United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultative Status will allow Real Medicine to attend UN meetings, designate UN representatives, be invited to international conferences, circulate statements at ECOSOC meetings and those of its subsidiaries, as well as speak at those meetings.

Real Medicine CEO and Founder Dr. Martina Fuchs says, "We are honored to be invited into this prestigious international network. We greatly respect the work the UN does around the world, and will seek every opportunity we can to bring our knowledge and expertise in healthcare and humanitarian causes to bear on the UN and its subsidiaries’ work. This is an exciting step in our ongoing efforts to join hands with others across the globe to provide long-lasting solutions and relief where it is most needed."

ECOSOC’s mission includes "identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems"; Real Medicine’s unique approach to humanitarian relief centers on the belief that "real" medicine is focused on the person as a whole, including medical/physical, emotional, economic and social support. RMF already works directly with two agencies of the UN, the United Nations Population Fund ("UNFPA") and the UN Refugee Agency ("UNHCR"). Real Medicine has worked with UNFPA to establish the Juba College of Nursing & Midwifery in South Sudan, has a female sex worker program with the UNFPA in India, and works with UNCHR to support the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Uganda as well.

Since its inception in 2005, Real Medicine Foundation has worked quickly, offering effective and self-sustaining healthcare solutions throughout the world. The organization addresses situations of catastrophe as well as providing systems and solutions where a major healthcare gap exists due to civil strife, or simply poverty. Real Medicine prides itself upon staying in place long after the public spotlight has gone on, as evidenced by the fact that it has operated in Haiti continuously since the 2010 earthquake, providing medical support, establishing healthcare clinics, supporting operations of two hospitals and now implementing an ambitious Hospital Consortium Project as well as an ambulance system for the region.

Real Medicine’s network of international projects reaches around the world, addressing the most pressing health and social issues in each location. Real Medicine is being recognized for its Malnutrition Eradication Program in India by the Stay Classy organization, where it is nominated for Best Charity of the Year (to vote, please visit

About Real Medicine Foundation

Real Medicine Foundation (, a 501( c )(3) registered non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, provides humanitarian support to people living in disaster and poverty stricken areas. RMF believes that "real" medicine is focused on the person as a whole, including medical/physical, emotional, economic and social support. RMF’s unique approach to humanitarian relief involves partnering with local groups with the long term goal that the clinics and solutions it creates are sustainable long after the public spotlight has moved on. Real Medicine has projects with local partners in Armenia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Uganda, and the United States, and continues to grow its reach wherever it is needed. For complete listings of RMF’s projects, please visit

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