“Big Sunday” doesn’t even begin to describe the weekend we and our team of volunteers experienced. Our journey with “Big Sunday” began with Patti Callicot. Patti had been a part of the community garden project at Phoenix House in Venice Beach the prior year, and provided us with the introduction to Big Sunday’s founder David Levinson.

When we first met with Carol and Greg from Nuestra Clinica, they had expressed the desire and need for a community outreach program for members of their community in Boyle Heights but the space in the clinic was very limited.

Being that there were vacant offices upstairs from the clinic, we approached the landlords, Todd and Alisa Nathanson. It was a match made in heaven: Todd and Alisa were familiar with “Big Sunday” and had participated in other projects with them. With the collaboration of Real Medicine, Big Sunday and Nuestra Clinica a 1-year lease was signed for the two front rooms above the clinic.

Patti Callicot had a vision for the space and a plan for the “Big Sunday” weekend – and volunteers from FOX Gives, Real Medicine, Taft High School, Marymount High School and Nuestra Clinica all convened upon the clinic to help make Patti’s vision a reality. Everyone had a wonderful time, new friendships were made and new skills learned.

The space was transformed into a tranquil, fun, contemporary “Indian” themed area for all to enjoy. The front room became an area for our yoga, fitness and healthcare outreach workshops, along with reading and art programs for members of the community. The side room was made into a donation room, with clothing organized in a manner that would provide any of its recipients with a sense of dignity.
Our greatest thanks to all that came out to support Real Medicine Foundation’s beginning to a lifetime of memories at Nuestra Clinica! We received many thank you letters and emails from the “Big Sunday” volunteers, expressing their joy in having the opportunity to work as a part of a team to give back to the community.

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