by Carly Panchura and David Werner

On May 7, 2008, Marcelo Acevedo, one of the Founding Members of PROJIMO, a rehabilitation organization in Sinaloa, Mexico, passed away of brain cancer. The PROJIMO clinic is run by people with disabilities and serves those people with disabilities with very low resources in the State of Sinaloa.

Marcelo worked with the program as a brace and limb maker for over 20 years. Marcelo legs were weakened by polio, and technically he was "disabled." But for those of us who had the privilege of knowing him and having him as a friend, he was one of the most caring and exceptionally "able" persons we have known. In his work, he always took the time and personal concern to make sure the braces, limbs, and other assistive equipment he made was well adapted to each individual’s particular needs. It was Marcelo who inspired the slogan of PROJIMO: "Look at my strengths, not my weaknesses." Thousands of people in Mexico are more able persons because of Marcelo’s expertise and kindness.

Marcelo leaves behind him wife, Maria de Rosario Castro Reyes, known as Chayo, and his five sons: Juan Carlos (23), Jossue (19), Marcelito (14), Jose Luis (10), and Rodrigo (5).

Marcelo’s wife and 5 children are faced with a challenging future. The family is of very limited means. Four of the five of his children are still in school, the youngest in kindergarten. Chayo works in a restaurant, at very meager earnings. The older boys work after school and sometimes late into the night. But wages are very low and the cost of food and other necessities keeps rising.’

Taking Action:

The Real Medicine Foundation would like to assure that Marcelo’s family has enough resources so that the children can stay in school, have a chance to learn skills to serve others and sustain a decent quality of life. We are inviting all those who are able to help contribute to this family. To make a donation to support this family, please click here.

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