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Dear friend of Hiccup Circus Uganda.

With an upcoming three-weeks school break we are excited to push along side our cast to overcome struggle of producing a new spectacular stage show with our group of young circus artists. All the individual acts and stunts that our young performers have been working on will now be put into a cohesive story of hope and change, to show and inspire other youth of Uganda.

During the month of March we were luck enough to spread word about our amazing project on a more international level. Giacomo Babaglioni, the HCU founder was invited for a 3 days trip to the International School of Milan – Italy – to lecture on the workings of Hiccup Circus Uganda at the Global Issues Network Conference 2015. This years conference was "TACKLING GLOBAL ISSUES: ENERGY, PASSION AND INNOVATION." We were so honored to be included with other movers and shakers from around the world, and for to opportunity to spread word of our program in front of over 300 attendees, from nearly 20 different countries. It was very exciting and inspiring sharing ideas, formally and through great conversations, with so many people and the time in Milan was truly memorable.

Kasikonda Youth Circus, the youth branch of HCU has started a crowd funding campaign, on the website Indiegogo. It is our goal to raise enough funds by May 11th, to be able to bring a coach over to Uganda, to train the youth, but also train some of the more experienced Kasikonda members, how to train the younger kids safely in times where there is no volunteer. Any donations are greatly appreciated and there are even some gifts offered in exchange for donations, such as post cards calendars and such. If donation is not a possibility please share the page on your social media outlets and with your friends and colleagues.

For more information see the link below and thank you in advance for your consideration to our cause!

Weebale, (Luganda word for thank you)

Giacomo Babaglioni | CEO/Founder
Plot 45 Kisugu Road, Namuwongo Kampala UGANDA
+256 (0) 777 17 57 74 | +256 (0) 414 59 98 48

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