The seventh annual AIDF Global Disaster Relief Summit was held in Washington D.C. on the 10th and 11th of September at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The two day summit had more than 350 participants representing NGOs, UN agencies, donors, governments, military personnel, academia and the private sector. The topics discussed this year were security and logistics, health and WASH, ICT and data, and field operations for disaster response and management.

Dr. Martina Fuchs participated on the first day as a panelist … The first Health and WASH panel on Reducing Health Consequences During Emergency Situations was discussed by Elisabeth Scheffer, Managing Director at Elisabeth Scheffer & Associates, Anne Peterson, Senior Vice President of Global Programs at AmeriCares, Dr Andrew Lustig, Founder of Global Outreach Doctors, and Dr Martina Fuchs, CEO at the Real Medicine Foundation. The speakers shared with the audience current health threats during and after emergencies and the best practice to overcome them, whilst also providing an integrated and holistic approach to emergency health response. Especially contributions around the importance of mental health inclusion in disaster response programs, both for disaster victims as well as aid workers, were very well received by the audience, who even gave a standing ovation to the speaker panel…

For more information you can visit the AIDF Global Disaster Relief Summit 2015 website.

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