Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Sindh Mobile Clinic Initiative"

Status: Completed


The most devastating floods in Pakistan’s living memory have affected up to 13.8 million people and killed an estimated 1600. The district in Sindh was particularly devastated where more than 7 million fell victim to the floods. Many are still displaced and have received no assistance since this natural disaster destroyed their homes and livelihood — many are farmers. In Sindh alone, 2.5 million acres of crops were destroyed by the floods. They have already missed one harvesting season and will likely miss many more. Access to healthcare was already poor in many parts of rural Sindh. As a consequence of the floods there is widespread disease and starvation, which are causing children to die of very preventable diseases.

Real Medicine Foundation and LifeBridge have formed a partnership with the goal of reviving Sindh province by providing primary health care services to the flood affected communities of interior Sindh province. RMF and Life Bridge will also begin a mobile health unit in January 2011. The mobile health unit will enable easier access to remote areas in the regions of Dadu and Thatta – the hardest hit regions in Sindh. The mobile health unit will be customized to travel on the difficult terrain in the region thus being able to provide critical and consistent care. Efforts will target facilitating the implementation of existing governmental programs including maternal and child health, expanded program on immunization, Hepatitis, TB, and a malnutrition program.