Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Healthcare Outreach for Internally Displaced Persons"

Status: Completed


According to the UN, the IDP situation in Pakistan has been categorized as the worst human displacement in the world in the last fifteen years. It is considered to be more critical than the 1994 displacement in Rwanda.

Today the IDP are living in tents established in the safer districts of NWFP in scorching heat where temperatures run into the range of 38-44oC, without extra clothing, food, clean drinking water or health care. Displaced children face severe acute malnutrition with dozens of them dying from curable diseases such as gastroenteritis, typhoid and respiratory infections. Women face the dual problem of maternal and child health problems as well as the reluctance to unveil themselves in front of male health care givers. According to the UNFPA, there are about 69,000 pregnant women in the displaced population with over 6,000 expected to go into labour within the next month. They will need surgical care with blood transfusion but most important of all, they will need female health care givers.

RMF Pakistan office has collaborated with several grass-root organizations working on different aspects of aid to the IDP. We have collaborated with Relief Foundation to set up free medical camps with volunteer doctors. Funding is required mostly for the cost of medicine. We have connected with the Quaid-e-Azam University which has set up a food and roof fund. A donation of US$ 100 will feed a family of 12 for a month. Similarly a donation of US $100 will provide a safe and decent shelter for 3 families. Three monthly pledges are recommended to ensure sustained and systematic aid.