Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Relief and Health Services for Earthquake Affected Victims"

Status: Active


On October 26, 2015, at 14.09 hrs, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hit the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. The epicenter was located in the Badakhsan Province of Afghanistan, 76 km north of the Chitral border of Pakistan.

The earthquake luckily spared extreme damage to infrastructure of the affected areas, hence the low rate of mortality and morbidity but remote villages tucked deep in the folds of the mountains composed of mud and wood have succumbed to the quake tremors rendering whole villages shelter less. Also the event triggered off a series of landslides in the mountainous regions that, in the face of the impending winter where it has been raining and snowing in some regions, led to power outages in many places and road blocks, isolating large tracts of areas where people are in need.

Following short-term relief aid including the provision of tents, plastic mats, food rations and health services, each of 100 registered families will need assistance in rebuilding their homes. Currently winter is setting in which lasts for an average of 3 months. By March, the snow thaws out and we can start building homes for these poor populations.

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