Worldwide, Cancer is on an exponential rise. The WHO says that 80% of deaths related to disease of affluence occur in developing countries, roughly 28 million a year, and that this number is expected to quadruple over the next decade.

In ten short years, it is predicted that cancer will kill more people around the world than all infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, Malnutrition, and Maternal Deaths Combined.

There are many schools of thought on the subject but for our part what we have chosen to do is start with nutrition as a preventative measure.

"Our goal is to provide education in such cost effective, natural treatment interventions and preventive strategies to all of our clinics worldwide." Michael Lear, Real Medicine Director of International Relations and Country Director for Sri Lanka and Southern Sudan.

In May 2009, in collaboration with Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Foundation and Cornell University,  we launched the initiative in Sri Lanka where staff at Sri Lanka’s Cancer Institute were given access to Dr. Campbells  plant based diet online nutrition course so that they can implement what they learn into their treatment methods for their patients.

With cancer rates already on the rise and cancer medication both expensive and with limited availability, treatment will come too late for many affected families in developing parts of the world. Our hope is that by giving people the information they need to take care of their bodies now, they might not need more complex care down the road.

As a side effect, we have found that by promoting locally grown produce, local farmers and businesses are also better supported, allowing the local economy to thrive in line with it’s people.

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“Every country must make cancer a priority. There are too many people dying. It is too often, and that is wrong,” said Nancy Brinker, World Health Organization (WHO) Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control in the article, Cancer’s Global March for

Can a Plant-Based Diet Cure Cancer? by Kathy Freston, from

"The key recommendation of a recently released global report on diet and cancer prevention — that individuals should choose a predominantly plant-based diet that includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, and grains — is consistent with the American Cancer Society’s guidelines on diet, nutrition and cancer prevention, and adds to the evidence supporting a link between diet and cancer."–American Cancer Society Guidelines on Diet and Cancer Prevention

Dr. Campbells book The China Study

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