Dear Friends,

Help us build and man our LA Marathon Cheer Station!

As an Official Charity, Real Medicine is given the opportunity to decorate nearly 1/2 mile of the course in any way we would like. In support of the people in Haiti, we have decided to make our cheer station a statement of hope for Haiti. We are collecting solid color sheets and decorating them with messages of support and healing from the LA Community. Then, on race day we are going to hang them as a kind of tent city as a reminder that that there is still so much to be done for the people of Haiti, and also that there are still so many people here in the community who want to get involved and show their support.

Here is how you can help:

1) Collect and decorate sheets with classmates or friends

2) Donate sheets or paint/art supplies

3) Follow the RMF team via Twitter as we bring sheets to different parts of LA collecting messages of support. Come meet the team and make a mark for Haiti!

4) Volunteer on Race Day: We need help constructing and manning our cheer station. There are 4 main shifts to fill:

  • Set up (5 or 6-9am): You will be setting up tent city, painting, telling people about Real Medicine and cheering on the lead runners (there will be coffee and pastries for you super stars!)

  • Cheer 1 (9-12pm): You will be painting, drawing, screaming, and telling people about Real Medicine

  • Cheer 2 (12-3pm): You will be painting, drawing, screaming, and telling even more people about Real Medicine

  • Break Down (3-6pm): You will paint, draw, scream, talk about Real Medicine and help us keep our good name by making sure that we leave nothing behind when we are done. (This shift might also get out early depending on how thing go with the race.)

If you would like to get involved please contact for details and to sign up for a shift.

Thank you for your support!

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