Update 2010

From RMF Team Uganda:

Aketch Tereza, a 16year old girl in senior four at Mama Kevina Comprehensive  School in Agururu Tororo, is one of the students traumatized by war and HIV/AIDS.

She is an orphan losing her father in war and losing her mother to HIV/AIDS.  She was raised by her grandparents enduring the hardship of the rural poor. School fees and daily meals were very difficult to attain.

Afflicted with nightmares of falling in a ditch and being chased by someone with ill intent Tereza took advantage of acupuncture treatments being offered at Mama Kevina.  Treatments reduced the stress of being an orphan and her nightmares disappeared

She also uses the treatment to help her concentrate during reading, previously when  she went for her private reading/revision, only bad memories would arise and her stress would increase.

Tereza has also learned to reduce her tension through yoga which has been offered daily since RMF provided yoga training to the Mama Kevina staff last year.

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