Real Medicine Foundation Opens First Medical Clinic in Port au Prince, Haiti

Los Angeles, CA – February 2, 2010 –  Real Medicine Foundation announces that it will open its first medical clinic tomorrow, February 3, 2010,  in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

Real Medicine founder and CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs says, “The whole community is involved.  We have sixty people working together.  As we gather supplies, local carpenters are building exam tables.  It is truly a beautiful group effort.”

The clinic, located in a two-story building that appears to be a safe structure despite the recent 7.0 earthquake, will offer a number of services.  The clinic plans to offer internal medicine, physical rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, minor surgery, and triage.  The two-story building will have three exam rooms on each floor in addition to a laboratory and kitchen.  It will also have handicap access.

The Real Medicine staff has been working nonstop since arriving in the region weeks ago.  In addition to offering healthcare services, the group has assisted in the logistics of feeding the struggling population.  After attending a recent meeting at the U.N. compound, Dr. Fuchs helped key organizations identify twelve refugee camps, approximately 40,000 individuals, to be connected included in the food distribution.

Haitians have already begun to line up outside the new clinic in anticipation of its opening day.  In the meantime, Fuchs says, “I keep my stethoscope on at all times; there are many babies whose mothers were hurt in the earthquake.  Until the clinic opens, I’m doing what I can. I’m seeing patients in between carpenters building shelves!”

Real Medicine Foundation plans to open a second clinic later this week, and is working to create a sustainable mobile clinic. The as-yet-unnamed current clinic project is being founded by Real Medicine Foundation in cooperation with the Jimani Project group from Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Foundation continues to gather donations for its Haiti project, and will be the subject of an all-star music benefit at the House of Blues, West Hollywood, California on Thursday night.

About Real Medicine Foundation
Real Medicine Foundation (, based in Los Angeles, provides humanitarian support to people in disaster, post-war, and poverty-stricken areas of the world.  RMF believes that "real" medicine is focused on the person as a whole, inclusive of medical/physical, emotional, economic and social support.  RMF unique approach to humanitarian relief involves partnering with local groups wherever they are to ensure that the clinics and solutions it creates will be sustainable long after the public spotlight has moved on.  RMF currently has clinics and projects around the world, including Myanmar, Peru, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, the United States, and more.  For more information please visit

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