THANK YOU for coming out last night to support Real Medicine Foundation Haiti at House of Blues.

It’s one thing to have amazing musicians support your work, and another to have the community step in. Together you helped us raise $25,000!!

Thank you so everyone who came to join us, and for those who stopped by our booth to find out more or buy RMF support items. Last night we made close to $2000 just in sales alone. Thank you to those who bought our t-shirts–wear them and help spread the word! We have more signed posters thanks to CAA’s limitless generocity and we will be selling them through our website. Stay tuned for that information or, if you simply cannot wait, contact us and we would be happy to get one to you sooner!

Please know that every cent you donate to RMF is put to good use. As you heard last night, this week we launched a two-story medical facility in Port-au-Prince where people can bring their children, have medical consultations, give birth, have minor surgery, and more.  This out of the wreckage of just a few weeks ago.  We are opening a second clinic and also working on creating a mobile clinic facility that can go to patients who may not be able to come to us.

Real Medicine Foundation is determined to stay in Haiti and make sure that the communities there are given the stable support they need to get back on their feet.

Here’s what sets us apart:
*We stay long after the international spotlight has faded
*We work in partnership with local organizations
*We focus on creating sustainable solutions that can continue to serve the community
*We define “medicine” as treating the whole person; so we offer social, economic, emotional, and other sorts of support as well as medical care.

Every person you help us spread the word to could mean one more child seeing a doctor, one more baby born healthy, one more amputee receiving physical therapy, one more elderly person cared for.  It’s amazing what we can accomplish working together.

If you are inspired to continue supporting Real Medicine Foundation, here are a few easy ways to help:

1.    Add us on Facebook!  RMF is on facebook; we report live from disaster areas and keep you informed of our latest initiatives and breaking news.

2.    Follow us on Twitter; and please retweet any posts you find interesting.  So much of the battle is just about having people understand the work we do.

3.    Consider running the LA Marathon… or walk the 5K!  RMF is debuting this year as an official charity of the marathon and 5K. . (If you’ve already signed up (or if they have) they can retroactively add RMF as their charity of choice.)

4.    Please keep us in your thoughts.  We are Friends helping friends–if you have an idea about something we can do to spread the word or raise awareness and funds for people in need, let us know!  We are always looking for eager supporters and volunteers to help us grow our network of people working together around the world.

Thank you again for making this all possible and for helping us start 2010 off in this fantastic way.

We look forward to keeping you posted on our work in Haiti, and hope to see you at other Real Medicine events soon.

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