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Peru – Starting things off on the right foot

November 10, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

On November 15th, Dr Dotun Ogunyemi is coming down from the US to visit the clinic. Dr Ogunyemi is the OB/GYN Residency Director and Associate OB/GYN Fellowship Director at Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills…a very prestigious hospital in LA, especially their Maternity program which delivers 7000 babies annually. It has been a lot of work preparing for Dr Ogunyemi’s visit. We have arranged for him to give a 4 hour presentation to the local Peruvian physicians on topics such as AIDS in pregnancy, Obstetric emergencies, Hypertension during pregnancy, and post partum hemorrhaging. We have arranged to use a meeting hall at the town hall and we will marketing the seminar through the proper channels at the top so the physicians will be aware of the seminar. We are even getting the seminar approved so that the physicians who attend will receive continuing education credit…which can lead to an increase in pay. We have hired a professional interpreter, who is also a physician, to drive down from Lima to translate the seminar. This will be our first RMF sponsored event in Pisco. This is a great way for us to introduce the RMF clinic to the rest of the medical community. We are identifying ourselves from the very beginning as leader.

In the afternoon, Dr Ogunyemi will be holding an educational group session for pregnant women. Our friend Andrey, from Medicos sin Fronteras (Doctors without Borders), will be helping to translate Dr Ogunyemi’s presentation for the mamas. This involves putting word out through the congregations and through the communal kitchens that many women work at.

In light of everything else going on regarding the clinic opening up on Monday, handling the logistics for Dr Ogunyemi has kept us extremely busy. That’s okay though. I think many people will benefit from Dr Ogunyemi’s visit.

American physicians are held in a high regard by the locals. I was asked by a good friend, Niña Julia (who is the maid/helper at the hostel we live at), if Dr Ogunyemi would be willing to give her mother an health exam and her father a prostate exam. I have arranged this with Dr Ogunyemi and Niña Julia was so appreciative that her eyes began to water.

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