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Peru – RMF Fieldworkers in the Sierra

November 10, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

Along the same lines as Dr Ogunyemi’s visit, Dr Martina Fuchs (Real Medicine CEO) will be traveling to Pisco in early December to visit the clinic, assess the situation, and help implement an outreach program to train field workers in Huancavelica in basic healthcare. Huancavelica is a very remote and mountainous region 3 hours drive from Pisco. It is a very impoverished part of Peru and they currently have little to no healthcare. We have started to design a plan to employ 10 field workers in 10 different communities. We will bring them down to our clinic in Pisco for a 2-day training seminar. They will be trained to administer first aid to their community as well as to identify the cases that need professional medical attention so we can act accordingly. These field workers will report to an area manager who will collect the field records to report back to the clinic.

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