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Peru – Thats our Doc!!

November 10, 2007 - Peru

by Steve Henrichon

The Good Doctor and his wife, Rosario, have been expecting a baby. They had planned on having the Medicos Cubanos deliver their baby at their hospital encampment. The time came late Monday night. The labor was very quick and there was no time to catch a taxi to the Medicos Cubanos. The Doctor then escorted Rosario back into their little tent and he rolled up his sleeves. Someone held a flashlight over his shoulder while he worked on the delivery. The entire Albergue (tent city) waited patiently outside their tent. The delivery was quick and painless. At 2am on Tuesday morning, Nazareth Belen Torrealva Vera was born…weighing 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds).

We are proud of our doctor! He passed his interview with flying colors. We are also proud of Rosario for making through quite a different birthing experience. She, the trooper that she is, even held a flashlight while he cut the umbilical cord. Maybe we should hire Rosario as our nurse!

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